What do we do?

We understand the sector and we look for business opportunities developing innovative and differentiated projects.

Our proven methodology of structuring and teamwork allows us to offer our clients the security and economic, technical and legal feasibility of their projects through the clear and precise assignment of responsibilities and tasks with all project members.

Our structuring service includes the exploration and linking of strategic allies and investors that drive the correct development of the processes that will lead to the success of your business.


Technical Structuring

  • Integration of the project with its surroundings.
  • Identification of long-term needs.
  • Analysis of systems and construction methods.

Legal Structuring

  • Legal development vehicle
  • Partners agreements for development
  • Tax management planning

Social Structuring

  • Integration of the development of the project with the environment.
  • Definitions of the development phases.

Financial Structuring

  • Estimation of pre-investment budgets.
  • Application of novel schemes of capital structure.
  • Evaluation of tax planning.

Commercial Structuring

  • Market study
  • Marketing strategy
  • Early identification of opportunities
  • Proposed value structuring

Environmental Structuring

  • Environmental management schemes
  • Sustainability considerations


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    Phase 1 - Compilation
  • icono-analisis
    Phase 2- Analysis
  • icono-planeacion
    Phase 3- Planning
  • icono-promocion
    Phase 4 - Promotion