What do we do?

We integrate administrative, legal, ethical, commercial and economic-financial aspects to the projects we manage, in accordance with the policies, agreements and decisions of the owners and managers of the project.

Similarly, we incorporate management methodologies in a specialized manner, with the sole purpose of ensuring the interests of the client and their projects.

Our integral management of project management involves all the elements in order to avoid deviations of costs and deadlines, allowing to ensure the quality, performance and profitability of the Project.




The different management bodies of the project, coordinating each and every one of them; Among the most common are: design committee, construction committee, technical committee, board of partners.



The policies, procedures, rules and attributions of each person involved in the development of the project, establishing the parameters for risk management and mitigation, as well as the contracting of the respective insurance.



Periodically before the competent organisms and / or owner(s), on the general state of the project and on the development of the activities and management of the entrusted management.


We make

In company with the auditor the evaluation of the different quotes presented



The accounting ensuring its optimal updating and maintenance according to the generally accepted standards, to the legal provisions, to the requirements established by the partners.


Take part

In the pre-operative, design and construction committees verifying that the designs, and specifications, fully comply with the recommendations emanating from the part of the commercial area, seeking to achieve the yields consigned in the feasibility study.